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When was it built? (If you don’t know the exact date then put the period: Post WW2, 1920s, 1980s etc)

This building started in 1997 and completed in 1998.

  • What are the main materials used in the exterior?

The main materials used in the exterior are brick, aluminium, stone, glass, concrete,etc.

  • How would you describe the style of the building? (Art Deco, Victorian, Neo-classical, Modern, Postmodern etc)
  • I think this building is kind of modern, because the lobby are in marble2014-05-08 12.11.10 2014-05-08 09.02.23
  • Has the building been altered at all? How and why?

I do not think this building altered exterior or interior recently. because I live here just six months.

  • How does the building relate to the surrounding architecture?

Same buildings next this building along the street.

  • How does it feel to live in the building?

This building in the complex reaches 101m and 38 above-ground levels, and I live in 34 level, so the view is very beautiful. It is a duplex apartment, 3 roommates and I living here. It is a comfortable apartment.

Design in the Museum — Clothes



The power house museum collection is a memories of fashion and dress choices, and let us think about our desire and identity, and to give expression for general society’s cultural. An exhibition of clothes encounters that are gradually dying out.  


When Ron met Jacques

  • Those two extraordinary outfit made by Ron Muncaster who is one of the most prolific and memorable of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras costume competition entrants.

When Ron met Jacques


When Ron met Jacques

 When Cas met Jonesy

  • Castrission and Jones spent three years preparing for a major Antarctic expedition, training their bodies as well as customising their clothing to withstand a the extreme negative states.

When Cas met Jonesy

When Jill met Diana

  • Gift of Jill Hickson

When Jill met Diana

When Beril met Betty

  • Wedding photo of Betty McInerney, 1952. Photo by John Hearder, 1952 Gift of Dr and Mrs Bob McInerney,2003.

When Beril met Betty

  • Blue silk going away dress embellished with beads, 1952

When Beril met Betty


  • Pink silk evening dress ‘American Beauty’, 1972.

When Beril met Betty

When Sonia met the President

  • Crepe evening dress designed by Victoria Cascajo for Sonia McMahon, 1971. Gift of Lady Sonia McMahon, 1987

When Sonia met the President

When Romance Was Born met Paperform

When Romance Was Born met Paperform

When Gough met the Emperor

  • Gough Whitlam wear the morning suit to his meeting with the Emperor and Empress of Japan inside the Imperial Palace Tokyo.

When Gough met the Emperor

Style blogging

屏幕快照 2014-04-21 上午10.11.11

屏幕快照 2014-04-21 上午10.12.03

Those two men are in hip-hop style. “Hip hop” is mixture of  African American English as early as 1898, meaning “aware” or “in the know”, and hop, for the hopping movement. They are B-boying also called breakdancing. Breaking is one of the important part of hip hop culture. It mixd many cultures, such as street dancing, Afro-Brazilian and Asian Martial arts, Russian folk dance, and dance moves os James Brown, Michael Jackson, and California Funk styles. They wearing baggy clothes, jerseys and tight jeans which is the hip hop fashion of the 2000s were all over the world and continually changed. Bright colors and cartoon graphic print hoodies are popular in those people.


The hair color of three girls are bright and conspicuous in the crowd. Even if they  did not make their hair look gothic, but these color is for gothic. Because the Goth culture is deeply influenced and recognized for its appearance, and Goths are well known for their beautiful unique style and they love bright neon colors.

Clothes Encounters


When Irene met Elvis

The crepe blouse was designed by Merivale for the House of Merivale label Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, in 1968. And the kangaroo skin skirt was made by Graham Edelstein in Sydney in 1968.

Irene Combe, a 17 years old Sydney model, wore this kangaroo skin miniskirt and crepe blouse when she met Elvis Presley in America. Irene found Americans were not wearing things as short. So Sydney designers and fashion houses modeled themselves on the style of swinging London, and were quick to champion the mini skirt in Australia.

This outfit was typical of young woman’s clothing. Every young woman could wear it, Because it was simple but fashion in before and now.

The powerhouse museum is very big and awesome. They have different  parts of exhibition like technologies that changed our mind, engineering excellence, game masters, the wiggles exhibition etc. Most of exhibit display in glass case, but some lighting was turn off, maybe they want to protect the exhibits, but audiences can’t see the things clearly.

Wearing mini skirt was weird before, after it became fashion, every young women want to wear skin skirt. Nowadays, we can see the short skirt or shorts everywhere. Designers made more style of this skirt or shorts.

Everyone love beautiful items of clothing, the fashion will not stop. We will  see more weird cloth, maybe you want to try later on.

What is design history?

What design history is?

Design history means transform practical world’s conception and thought. And design’s formed, shifted and changed. Also includes design has changed the experiences of people in different historical contexts. How we know our modern life and how to design for future conditions.

What’s your  favorite design style, designer or designed object?

Claude Monet is my favorite designer. He is the creator of French Impressionist painting.

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DSC_0105副本 DSC_0040副本

What are the qualities of this designer, style or object that you like?

I love all of Claude Monet’s painting, especially  his Agapanthus. 

What are you interested in learning about in this subject?

Before I have no idea about design history, and I want to know more about design which can arise my imagination.






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